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Unique Article Wizard Review: Warning!

This Unique Article Wizard review exposes just how powerful the UAW software truly is, so if it is used improperly, it can be just as devastating for SEO as it can be useful. Let’s take a look at exactly how the Unique Article Wizard works in this review video:

Unique Article Wizard Review Video: Inside Look & Best Practices Tutorial

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You can instantly see how powerful this SEO automation and article marketing/distribution software can be. Not only has it produced amazing search engine visibility results for my niche websites, I am also getting vast volumes of targeted human visitors from my automatically dispersed resource boxes (attached to each article). This has allowed me to earn substantial passive profits from my niche affiliate websites. These WordPress sites sell information products from ClickBank, ClickSure, Amazon, and a whole lot more. In fact, you probably found this very site you are on because of the power of the Unique Article Wizard.

The Free Bonus SEO Package – Passive Income Guide + Software

As mentioned in the video, I’m not going to hide the facts. I believe in the software so much that I am promoting it as an affiliate. If you purchase UAW through the “Learn More” link above, I will earn an affiliate commission, but that is why I am going to give you this incredible SEO bonus package (opens in another tab/window). I can go on and on about how this bonus will give you an extreme unfair advantage in making money online, but you’ll find out for yourself when you watch the video there and see exactly what is in it. Here, I just want to discuss what exactly the Unique Article Wizard is, and whether you even need it! Perhaps it is something completely different from what you thought, and I don’t want you to purchase just anything. I, Jeroen Waning, have a reputation to uphold, so it is my #1 priority on this site to give you the real facts and unbiased truth in this brutally honest review.

Let’s Get To The Nitty-Gritty Mechanics of UAW and Allegretto Publishing

This intuitive article marketing automation and traffic generation software has helped thousands of reputable online businesses. Some of the top SEO companies in the world use Unique Article Wizard for their exclusive search engine visibility campaigns. As revealed in the video above, you automatically get the Social Exchage It program free, which provides an easy, hands-off way of getting more social signals for your sites. Within the Social Exchange It interface, I have personally seen many different multi-million dollar companies using UAW to promote their internet business. So what does this mean? It means that UAW is not just some sketchy push-button software that blackhat SEO’s use. It is legitimate software that makes things much more efficient. Google uses automation software and web robots themselves (read more), so it isn’t the matter of them disproving of SEO automation software – it is all about how you use it.

Dr. Noel Swanson and Allegretto Publishing have developed UAW for people to be able to take advantage of an efficient platform for distributing their quality content. So could you use it for evil? Could you use it to blast promotions for Viagra, porn, etc? Of course… and this is exactly what Google does not want to see. Search engine optimization is all about the distribution and syndication of quality, unique, relevant, useful, and up-to-date content.

The great part about it is that you get a full 30 days to try it out risk-free. This means that if you are not satisfied with any part of the Unique Article Wizard, you can cancel AND you will even get your money back. You can cancel at anytime of course, but you have the 30 days to get a full refund.

You can easily pay with PayPal, but their SSL payment processing for credit cards is 128-bit secure like any trusted online business (i.e. eBay, Amazon, ClickBank, etc).

Even if you are not great at writing articles yourself, you can order unique ones custom made for UAW for dirt cheap from Allegretto Publishing. You can order them directly from the wizard’s interface.

Track Updates and User Experiences on Facebook

The Unique Article Wizard has a Facebook page where Jason Arnold (manager) and his team interact and engage with users and prospective members on a daily basis. You can learn a lot about the changes in SEO, and you are free to ask any questions you like.

Don’t Care For The Additional Bonus Package?

Remember that if you purchase it with my affiliate link above (under the video), it won’t cost you a penny extra, and you will receive a bonus package worth at least $100. It teaches you exactly how I make a passive income online, but it also gives you the very same tools I use to do it! However, if you decide you do not want the bonus, and you do not want to purchase through my affiliate link, you can access the official site here: Unique Article Wizard.

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Beginner’s Tutorial: The Easy Wizard

You can get our bonus package here.

To check it out first hand, please go here.

**NEW – WordPress plugin creates a money-making site with legible, CopyScape passing content, fully monetized, with high PR back links in 60 seconds! Check out our tutorial here or watch the SEO Zen Review on YouTube.

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SEO Competition: Stop Losing Over And Over! (Free Advice)

Competing for web trafficLet’s face it, SEO competition is the number one barrier to entry into this esoteric, underground, dog-eat-dog realm that orbits around one thing… money. Whether you’re after it or whether you need it for search engine rankings optimization, SEO competition is all about money.

“Thanks captain obvious…” -You

Well, we need to think about this for a second though. Most SEOs fail to ever make any money online or satisfy their clients because they shoot for keywords with too much competition.

We’re all fed the same SEO 101 crap about using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find profitable and popular keywords in the niche of your choice. Going endlessly back and forth between the keyword tool and whatever domain registrar, when we finally find one decent keyword that has enough search volume and an EMD (exact match domain) available. We get excited and pull the trigger.

Countless days, weeks, and even months of backlinking and content writing, we end up frustrated. Even if you’ve cracked the top 10 search engine rankings in Google, you realize you still only get 10-20 visitors per day because you’re not ranked #1. SEO competition forces another one to bite the dust. What a waste of time and money!

OK, now… let’s talk about what you don’t know. There are millions upon millions of elusive keywords available that literally have almost no SEO competition. So why can’t you find them?

The Google Keyword Tool isn’t some person that’s going to see what keywords you’re typing in, and then say… “Oh, look at these instead! They’re exactly what you’re looking for because they have EMDs available, they have great search volume, and they have a very profitable average CPC!”

It’s just another robot that’s run off of a mathematical algorithm, and it’s just going to give you relevant keywords based upon the exact words you’ve entered. Heck, it’s designed for AdWords users anyways – not SEOs!

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use it. We just need to learn how to use it properly, and 99% of SEOs get it wrong. Those that get it wrong, well, they end up fighting 99% of SEOs and the majority of which have $5K – $15K monthly budgets to spend on high PR links. Regardless of the hype on forums, sales letters, and advice from so-called SEO gurus, you can’t beat them for these super competitive keywords!

So, How Can We Minimize SEO Competition?

Let’s hear it from Alex Becker on Source Wave, and then we’ll recap it in the text version below:

Do You Desire More TRUTH From This Wonderful Lad?

We need a strategy to find the lucrative and popular keywords the Google Keyword Tool doesn’t know to provide you. One great strategy is to start out with a niche, hop on Google search, and type in stuff like:

  • “Top 10 (insert niche) products”
  • “Most popular (insert niche) examples”
  • “Upcoming (insert niche) events”
  • “List of (insert niche) for 2013 (or insert year)”

Then, just pick out a site that catches your eye from the SERPs. Peruse that site well, and look for things that might look like good keywords. This is especially effective if the site is laid out in a list-style format. For example, if you type in “Top 10 TV shows 2012″, and you just pick out a site that looks respectable. Then pick a popular one that looks interesting to you, and now hop over to the Google Keyword Tool.

with a bit of going back and forth between that site and the Google Keyword Tool, I found this keyword: “family guy episode guide” – 14,800 global exact match searches per month, and 4,400 local. I hop over to Godaddy, and guess what?!

  • familyguyepisodeguide.com
  • familyguyepisodeguide.net
  • familyguyepisodeguide.org

…Are all wide open! I’m going to leave them for you guys :)

This means that no SEOs are operating in this niche! 

So you scoop up the EMD for the killer keyword you’ve just found (with no SEO competition), and then it’s time to blow your mind!

We are going to rank #1 for this keyword within one week with TERRIBLE CONTENT and almost NO BACKLINKS

All you do is a basic WordPress installation, and then:

  1. Download the Google XML Sitemap plugin and the Platinum SEO or All-in-One SEO plugin
  2. Set your title with your keyword first and then something else to avoid an keyword usage penalty (i.e. “Family Guy episode guide for instant fun!”)
  3. Set your description as “Watch the show and check out the updated Family Guy episode guide” for example
  4. Next, create a post with your keyword in the title with H1 font (like “Welcome To The Official Family Guy Episode Guide”)
  5. Post any picture with the keyword in the file name (familyguyepisodeguide.jpg) and set the ALT tag to something like “Funny Family Guy Episode Guide Picture” (don’t use just your keyword for both the file name and the ALT tag.
  6. Now write one sentence with your keyword in it, use one category (your keyword) and two or three tags (where one is your keyword).
  7. Search for a YouTube video based on your keyword and embed it in the post.
  8. Link to an authority site (like Wikipedia) for a related keyword (i.e. “cartoons”)
  9. DO NOT include any AdSense, affiliate links, etc until you rank #1

If you do this, you cannot risk getting a penalty for over-using your keyword, and it really really works! Check out Alex Becker’s site by searching for “ddrol” (his is #1 – ddrol.com 22K exact global searches per month) and look at how crappy his content is (deliberate) and how few backlinks he has (using opensiteexplorer.com or majesticseo.com).

Now, in order to really rank #1 within the week, we do need to build a few high PR backlinks. If you want to rank #1 with just two or three backlinks, you will need to buy some PR5+ links on the domains of authority sites ($40 – $100+ per month).

If you are on a budget for your link building and you are wanting to operate multiple sites, that’s when you will want to take advantage of automated article submission.

Do you want more clarification, proof, free killer link building tips, and just other SEO domination tactics?

Check this out!

…And stop believing “gurus” you can rank for things like “car insurance” with no SEO budget! But guess what? You don’t need to because, as you’ve seen, you can rank for similar awesome keywords that have extremely low competition.

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Top 20 Sites For High PageRank (PR) Profile Links

Profile links are a great way to establish branding for your website or online business, and it provides an incredible SEO boost when you create profiles on trusted sites (sites with a high PR). Just copy the following into your browser, and you may have to search for “forum” or “community” to create an account and edit your profile (you will have to confirm your email address with most of them):

Click here to get 200 of these same links handcrafted for just $20 (normally $100′s from similar companies!)

PR6-PR9 Profile Link Sites (Top 20)

  • myspace.com
  • openstreetmap.org
  • help.com
  • my.opera.com
  • phpnuke.org
  • premium.wpmudev.org
  • slashdot.org
  • boston.com
  • last.fm
  • livejournal.com
  • rottentomatoes.com
  • studyabroad.com
  • ted.com
  • tumblr.com
  • zotero.org
  • zennyatta1.webs.com
  • arduino.cc
  • bleacherreport.com
  • blog.foreignpolicy.com
  • caloriecount.about.com

Click Here – Download Excel File of 250+ (All PR6+ and Some Are Edu)! 

These top sites for getting high PageRank profile links are a mix of nofollow and dofollow. It is great to have both for SEO diversity, and contrary to popular belief, nofollow backlinks do help with SEO. Google seems to have already released the Penguin 2.0 update, and nofollow links do seem to hold more weight for SEO now because webmasters are less likely to deliberately create them themselves. Nofollow links are also a representation of brand, but they usually indicate that some other webmaster or blogger is naturally linking to that content but does not intend to pass link juice to that URL.

With the Panda, Penguin, EMD, and Penguin 2.0 update, establishing a brand is important. Treat your main keyword as your brand if you do not have a specific brand name.

Be sure to fill out the profiles with as much detail as possible. If one of these sites does not have a field for your website, blog, Facebook page, etc, a large majority of the time you are able to link with html in your author bio, about field, or in a blog/journal entry. You should be aggressive with your main keyword for your anchor text, but create only a handful of them per day (especially for newer sites) to monitor your rankings and anchor text correlation more easily.

Profile Link WheelFeel free to link from one profile to another to create a profile link wheel. You should use your name or username in your bio as your anchor text when linking to another profile. Ping them one at a time directly after having created them, but once you have created enough over a period of a few days to a week, utilize RankBuilder to create an XML RSS feed and submit it to FeedBurner. It would be wise to mix in a few of your UAW article links into your RSS feed, but this will build even more backlinks to your backlinks and get them crawled much faster and more deeply.

You can also use a lot of these same sites for high PR blogging and contextual, unique article backlinks. Essentially, many of these sites offer author profiles much like you will find in the Wizard. Profile links are (and should always be) considered an authority link building strategy by Google as a business is attempting to establish their brand, and so it serves as a very powerful whitehat SEO tactic for many webmasters. Just don’t overdo it!

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New Unique Article Wizard Author Profiles!

A new feature has recently been added into the Unique Article Wizard dashboard called “Manage Authors” that changes automated article marketing completely. From here, you are able to access all of your author profiles (your pseudonyms). You can fill out detailed profiles for each of the authors you have created for your UAW projects.

This new feature makes it extremely easy to submit articles to high quality directories (like EzineArticles.com - PR6). Many of these exclusive directories have a high PageRank. This means that any articles you submit to those directories will receive some of that high quality link juice, but Google is also much more inclined to give your individual article page a PageRank. Building links to your articles will certainly make your PR even higher, but they will acquire a PR without any additional link building.

These unique articles that you have submitted to these authority directories (where StreetArticles.com is another example – PR3) will provide you with the quality link building your site needs to get better search engine visibility. It isn’t about the quantity of links your site has so much as it is about the quality of each of those links. It certainly helps to have quite a few PR0 contextual article links that you normally receive on autopilot, but with the new author profiles option, you now definitely have an unfair advantage over other SEOs and webmasters who do not have UAW.

Aside from being able to submit to high PageRank directories, having detailed author profiles tied to your articles helps you more easily establish quality link building practices. When Google sees that an article (with your backlinks) is written by an author that has a detailed profile, Google will give that article more authority than a similar article tied to some vague author or pseudonym. You will want to upload a picture, write a detailed bio, add a date of birth, contact info, website, Facebook account, Twitter account, Google+ account, etc (whether any of this info is real or not). One key feature is that you can add two websites to each profile. This will give you profile links as well as article links. This is certainly a great way to diversify your link building strategy and will absolutely help with SEO. Let’s take a look at how these Unique Article Wizard author profiles would be completed:

Screenshot of Author Profiles:

Author Profiles Example

Once you have filled everything out in the UAW author profile and click on “DandyID”, it will automatically create the DandyID profile for you.

Another beneficial feature of this is that you can now create a Social Exchange account for each author. You can link individual Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube accounts to each of your author profiles. This makes your pseudonym authors look like real, qualified authors that are working hard to promote your websites.

With the new Google Penguin 2.0 update, it is this type of article marketing strategy that will not only keep your site in the SERPs for major keywords, it will put you light years ahead of your competition. As many other webmasters and SEOs are working hard to blast their meaningless links all over the web to no avail (or getting penalized for it), you can take advantage of the Unique Article Wizard’s cutting-edge, frequently-updated features to rank high in Google and other search engines with extreme ease and minimal effort.

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UAW Plugin – Fresh, Unique Content For Your Site On Autopilot

Plugin for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blogger, and more!If you have your account all set up, and you have put it to the test for automated article distribution, now it is time to take it to the next level! The UAW plugin allows you to get fresh content on a daily basis, and it will have it automatically posted to your website or blog.

This is personally one of my favorite extras from Unique Article Wizard because it makes guest blogging and article marketing easier than ever before. Not only do you receive your own unique content, you will get relevant articles from other authors as well! This makes it even more efficient to get quality content for your sites, but it puts a whole new spin on the term “auto blogging”.

One of the best tools for SEO is regular, freshly-updated content. Google, among other big search engines, love to crawl sites that frequently post new, relevant information for their visitors. When you have content uploaded daily, this gives your site/blog a great boost in search engine visibility. However, if you use this same UAW plugin for guest blogging, article marketing, web 2.0 posting, etc, you can get backlinks that truly count more easily than ever before.

Not only will it provide the backlinks to help boost your site, you will also attract more human traffic as you input these “content machines” into your Social Exchange It account (free with your Unique Article Wizard account). Your fresh content will be shared via various social media platforms. These social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, etc) are crawled very frequently because of their super high PageRank (PR9 or PR10 – highest possible). Also, real users are more likely to encounter this content that you have shared, and they will then share this content as well.

If the information in your articles is appealing to readers, it may take off across the web at viral speeds! This means many automatic, quality backlinks and higher search engine rankings for more keywords, but you will also get a lot of curious readers to check out what all the buzz is about. They will then in turn share it on their social accounts, and so the cycle continues.

With the UAW plugin, you are able to choose whether or not you want to use the author’s links/resource boxes. With guest blogging, it is important that you give credit to the person who created the content. When they see that you are syndicating their content and giving credit back to them, they will more likely do the same thing for you. Outbound links can also help with SEO if they point to relevant, quality, and trusted sites.

Again, the review of this enhanced Unique Article Wizard feature sheds some light on the power of auto blogging and streamlined article marketing. There some simple steps to set up the UAW plugin that will help maximize your article marketing and auto blogging success. However, if you have not yet had a chance to sign up for your account, you will need to do this first before you will be able to fully activate this plugin in WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, etc.

This powerful plugin is designed to work with all major blogging/web development platforms, and updates are frequently released to ensure optimal functionality.

Stay tuned for information about the new and improved article directory author profiles, and please leave a comment if you have any questions!

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Google Penguin 2.0 – How Will It Affect Article Marketing?

Many webmasters and SEOs are dreading the new Penguin 2.0 algorithm update from Google. The iteration of the new Penguin 2.0 update can begin at any time, and there are even rumors buzzing around the SEO community that it has already begun. Will this have an impact on article marketing, and how will it affect the impact of article marketing on SEO?


What Is The Google Penguin 2.0 Update?

Let us take a look at this Warrior Forum thread that discusses what the Penguin 2.0 update is potentially for. You’ll quickly see that no one truly knows the answer to that just yet, but SEO experts are fairly certain that it will be a continuation/improvement of the Penguin 1.0 and 1.1 updates. These updates specifically targeted low-quality keyword content, spam link building strategies, and anchor text over-usage.

penguin-vs-spamMany hoped that this new update from Google would just be a repair of the original Penguin update, but Matt Cutts admitted that webmasters and SEOs will be quite disappointed. It isn’t so much a repair on the initial update as it is a continuation of targeting bad linking strategies and weak content.

So what does this really mean for those who need to know how to continue forward with their search engine optimization campaigns? If you looked at the WF thread, you’ll see that most can agree on one thing. The fact of the matter is that you should focus on writing content for your audience and not the search engines. You will want to stay away from sketchy link building. Spam blog comments, paid links, blasting thousands of links on social bookmarking sites, etc just won’t work anymore. In fact, it will make it even more difficult to recover from this. So what do search engines like Google like? They like unique content! If you can place your links (with carefully chosen anchor text) in quality, highly relevant, and original articles, people would come to your site… right? That means the GoogleBot and other web crawlers will follow through those links to your site as well! As a result, your site will get crawled more, and that is ultimately what you want.

Web CrawlerThe more your site gets crawled, the more your hard work (the content on your site) is recognized by Google and other search engines. Google is trying as much as they can to make their web crawlers think, read, surf, and filter out the good from the bad just like humans do. Of course the GoogleBot isn’t perfect, and it is still far from resembling human capabilities, but that is exactly why Google releases these updates like the Penguin 2.0.

So… instead of trying to trick Google, why not just work with them? Write high quality stuff to help out your audience and Google will help you get traffic. It is that simple. How can you help Google find your quality content? With quality link building strategies that also deliver what users are looking for. The more quality backlinks you have the more you will increase your PageRank. The higher PageRank (PR) your have, the more frequently and deeper your site will get crawled. When Google sees a lot of good quality links pointing to your site, they’re going to think, “hmm… this could be helpful, relevant, and trusted”, and they will spend more resources/time analyzing your site.

The more the GoogleBot crawls your site, the better search engine visibility your site will have. It means you will rank higher for more keywords based on the keywords on your site and the keywords in your anchor text and context surrounding your backlinks.

How Does Article Marketing Play Into This?

Article marketing and content syndication is a powerful platform to deliver exactly what your users are looking for in a very efficient manner. If you provide useful information that is up-to-date, you will get plenty of visitors if you leverage the power of article marketing and content syndication. However, if you are just writing junk for the search engines and then using spinning software to blast your links all over the place, your site is bound to get slapped from the SERPs (search engine results pages) sooner or later. Rather than trying to dodge Google algorithm updates by coming up with craftier ways to trick Google, why not just spend less effort by doing it right the first time? If you just give your users what they want, that is all that Google wants! Your site will stay in the rankings for a long time if you have just done everything right the first time.

article-distributionNow, is there a more efficient way to do this? Absolutely! Just because you have written one good article doesn’t mean its credibility and usefulness has to stop there with that one article. You can submit this article to many different blogs, article directories, web2.0 sites, social bookmarking sites, help forums, etc. This will certainly help you get more human traffic to your site. However, it is still difficult for Google to tell whether your article was syndicated because it is great content or whether it was just blasted all over the place to get backlinks. That is why it is so important to use the right automated article distribution software and spinning techniques. This can easily be abused as well. You do not want to submit articles that are illegible, spun junk, but you also don’t want to get slapped for duplicate content. So how exactly is this remedied?

Dr. Noel Swanson has developed a very sophisticated and intelligent software algorithm for creating hundreds of quality, legible, unique articles from just three original articles. This automated article distribution tool just makes it much more efficient and less tedious to syndicate quality information. It has many layers of protection built in that prevent any poor-quality, improperly formatted, and non-unique content from being distributed. Not only does the software algorithm ensure quality, but they even have human reviewers that proofread the content before it is submitted!

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Google’s View On Automated Content and SEO Automation

Ever since the recent Google updates (Panda, Penguin, EMD, etc), many people have strayed away from using automation software for search engine optimization. It seems there is a myth proliferating in SEO communities that Google hates automatically generated content. The fact is this: Google itself automatically generates content:

Matt Cutt’s on Content Automation For SEO

You can see from the video that Matt Cutts explains it best himself. SEO is really all about the intentions of the webmaster. Is he or she creating this content for their users/visitors, or is he or she doing it strictly to gain better search engine visibility and higher rankings.

With article marketing, these same principles apply. It is all about whether you are intending to create value and add quality, relevant content that search engine users are actually looking for or whether you are trying to trick the algorithm just to rank higher hoping to increase revenue.

I’m certainly not going to complain when my competition decides to stop using efficient SEO automation tools just because they had been using it wrong in the past and got the wrong impression (i.e. there site got slapped).

Matt Cutts also explains very well that it is about how you apply these automation techniques and that you monitor it carefully. Just like he says, it is similar to whether you are moving forward based on your own power or whether you are using some type of artificially-powered platform.

How do you get to the grocery store faster? Do you walk or drive? Obviously if you walk to the store, it is perhaps much safer, but it will most likely take much longer and more effort. If you drive to the store, you will get there faster, but the risks of getting injured are increased. Sure, with driving, an accident can be much more harmful to you than if you were just walking and accidentally tripped and fell (for example).

If you are an experienced driver, are you going to walk to the store that is 10 miles away regardless of the increased risk? Absolutely not! You trust your ability to get the job done more efficiently because you are aware of the risks and are taking the appropriate precautions.

The exact same principles apply to article marketing. Are you going to write every single article (out of hundreds or thousands) by hand, or are you going to be more efficient and use quality, proven software? You probably already know my take on this. In my opinion, if you are not using  quality automation software for SEO, you will be left behind in a hurry (unless you hire an SEO company that does it for you). What do you think all top SEO companies use?

Google uses automation software themselves. However, they use it appropriately so as not to affect the performance of other search engines by including their SERPs in their Robots.txt (for example). Automation is how we move towards the future. We make progress by making things do tasks on their own. We have literally been doing this since the beginning of modern mankind. We invented the automobile, the assembly line, robotics, and much more. Are there consequences when these things are abused or used incorrectly? That’s a rhetorical question,

The Unique Article Wizard is the only thing left that I use for SEO (check out my testimonial), and I’ll have more details and a tutorial (video) coming up on how to use it properly!

Next, check out Profit Builder for making beautiful landing pages.

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Unique Article Wizard: Introduction to Efficient Article Marketing

Before we can begin with the Unique Article Wizard review, it is essential that we have an understanding of exactly what this powerful SEO and article marketing automation software is.

Article Marketing

Who exactly developed the Unique Article Software? Dr. Noell Swanson, and his team at Allegretto Publishing, created this incredibly versatile and efficient content syndication platform. Not only does it distribute completely original content 100% on autopilot with minimal initial effort, but this article marketing system seems to be an all-in-one solution for search engine optimization. In fact, it does more than just help increase search engine visibility.

Unique Article Wizard works so well to produce and distribute quality content that it  is actually very efficient at driving targeted human visitors to the sites the user is promoting in their resources boxes and YouTube videos. Well… this is only true assuming that the user has held up their end of the bargain by providing three unique articles that can be spun together for the Unique Article Wizard to automatically generate thousands of original articles and submit them to authentic, relevant directories and blogs.

Not only can the UAW articles be submitted to directories automatically on a daily basis, but the user can actually summon unique content at the click of a mouse. With the Unique Article Wizard’s “preview” feature, it generates random versions of the article at will. This allows manual submission for Ezines, blogs, website content, web 2.0 properties, guest blogging, forum posting, profile creation, and anything else that provides a major SEO boost.

Since the Panda, Penguin, and recent EMD algorithm updates from Google (2012), unique, relevant, up-to-date, and quality content is essential for search engine optimization. Google is not at all against SEO, but of course they do not prefer black hat techniques.

In an upcoming video (in the next post), we’ll see a video from Matt Cutts as he elaborates on Google’s perspective of SEO and auto-generated content. The basic point there is that the Unique Article Wizard is fully excepted as a white hat SEO tool. This means that, when used properly, UAW adheres the Webmaster Guidelines and Best Practices.

Is Unique Article Wizard Only Used For Article Marketing?

No. Aside from the fact that users can utilize the unique content for any type of SEO benefit other than article marketing (as discussed before – web 2.0, blogging, document sharing sites etc), Unique Article Wizard memberships now come with the Social Exchange It Wizard completely free.

The Social Exchange It program is essentially exactly what the name implies. It means that users can share your website or blog to get more Facebook likes, Google +1′s, retweets, Twitter followers, and even YouTube views.

As users view the well-organized interface of websites and blogs, they can earn seeds (credits) when they engage in social sharing (i.e. likes, +1′s, etc). With these seeds, they can then get more social shares for their own websites, blogs, articles, videos, and even backlinks.

Watch the video on how it works!

Stay tuned for more Unique Article Wizard reviews, testimonials, detailed information, best practices, and tutorials!

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Welcome To Unique Article Wizard Reviews!

Unique Article Wizard is extremely intelligent article marketing automation software created by Dr. Noel Swanson from Allegretto Publishing. This is more than just article marketing on steroid. It is a comprehensive system for a complete search engine optimization solution. On top of mass syndication of unique, original, and quality content, it also provides the power of viral social media marketing for your website or online business.

Here on this blog, we will be discussing the many features of UAW. There will be UAW tutorials, reviews, best practices, frequent updates, and just general chat. Please come back soon and join us!

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welcome Welcome To Unique Article Wizard Reviews! Unique Article Wizard is extremely intelligent article marketing automation software created by Dr. Noel Swanson...

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